Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones

Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones

As established solo artists, Bryony & Alice are no strangers to the folk scene. Hailing from West Yorkshire, both are long-time purveyors of English folk music, united by a fascination with local folk song collections inspired by the Yorkshire landscape, language and industry.

As a powerful new duo, they have taken the folk scene by storm. Combining their respect for tradition with their own contemporary style of performance, they present a unique repertoire of harmony, heritage and Northern banter, featuring Fiddle, Harmonium, Tenor Guitar, body percussion and intricate vocals in their distinctive regional accents.

Their debut duo album, ‘A Year Too Late and a Month Too Soon’, released in 2022, showcases their fresh and masterful interpretations of these treasured old songs and has garnered 5 star reviews, global radio play and live radio performances including Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.


“Straight up, beautiful and bold folk singing” Mark Radcliffe – BBC Radio 2

“A sparkling tribute to Yorkshire’s folk heritage” Rachel Cunniffe – Songlines



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