Rosie Hood Band

Rosie Hood Band

A former BBC Performing Arts Fellow and Horizon Folk Award nominee, Rosie Hood was born in Wiltshire but has now called Sheffield home for ten years, from where she has toured extensively both solo and in many collaborations.

Known for her powerful and clear vocals, Rosie’s captivating performances combine her poetic writing with dynamic and honest interpretations of traditional songs.

The Rosie Hood Band formed in 2022 to develop the sound and writing that Rosie had begun to explore in her 2017 release The Beautiful & The Actual. Along with long-term collaborator and skilled arranger Rochdale-born Nicola Beazley (Alex Cumming & Nicola Beazley), Rosie turned to the folk scene of her adopted hometown. Melodeon-player and percussionist Robyn Wallace (Bellamira), also originally from Rochdale, and fellow Wiltshire native fiddle-player Rosie Butler-Hall (The English Fiddle Ensemble) completed the line-up. With experience playing for ceilidhs, dancing and in brass bands, the instrumentalists bring a great dynamic lift and drive, continuing Rosie’s vision of re-working traditional English songs, as well as writing and arranging original material, touching on nature, human struggle, women’s voices and unheard stories.

With outstanding musicianship and a deep understanding of tradition, Nicola, Rosie and Robyn’s sensitive playing combines perfectly with Rosie’s voice, skilfully and empathetically lifting each song. The Rosie Hood Band’s dynamic and emotive performances create an inimitable sound that whilst rooted in tradition, has contemporary appeal.



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